“I grew up in a small country town, where design wasn’t high on a list of priorities, and as a creative this was hard for me. When I was young I’d get creative with a history essay and science project, simply because I was bored by the material. Wherever I could I was challenging the norm. If it wasn’t creative, I was bored. What I didn’t have however were the skills… During my studies at Billy Blue College of Design my perception of design has grown beyond measure. Now I am inspired by everything in design, from fashion to graphics, 2D and 3D touch points, media, and architecture. Being a Branded Environment designer means I can understand all of these tangible and intangible elements.I can now really see how the design community is evolving and changing. Our design solutions are experientially driven, now more than ever. I can see the shift in brand from pure messaging to the creation of experiences. Consumers don‘t just want, logos, products, or stores anymore. They want brand experiences; they want to buy into a brand.I am also excited about the nature of cross collaboration on projects with other creatives. I love participating and observing conversations about design, particularly as I currently manage my own blog. These design conversations that are now happening among different creatives allow for brand experiences that encompass all elements.

As a designer I have the ability to think not just across the aesthetic but also across the strategy. I have design skills that span both communication and spatial design.  I also understand, as a brand strategy driven designer, that you have to work with many creative people to create effective brand experience.

So what do I want to do? Where do I see myself in 5 years.?
I dream of being a part of a creative studio that is leading the field in experiential design and that my brand strategy and spatial skills will allow me to push creative boundaries.

I am willing to be open, to practice and to participate at entry level so that I can achieve this goal. Because I’m not just a product of design school, but also a product of life.”

Watch this space.



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