Fantasea: ‘World’s First’ Tastable Print Ad

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  • And the Snozberries actually taste like Snozberries! ‘World’s First’ Tastable Print Ad

    “To get more people to try its new orange-flavored soft drink, Fanta created the “world’s first tastable print ad”.

    Infused with the company’s “super-secret formula”, the edible and ‘tasty’ paper ad encourages readers to literally tear the page off and share the taste of orange with their friends.

    The ad also allows Fanta to distribute samples to the masses without providing the actual product.”

    quoted by John Yong

    Designer Memac Ogilvy

    Check out the link below for more

    via John Yong , Design Taxi and Ads of the World

    Images Courtesy of Design Taxi  and  Ads of the World

    What a brilliant idea,  I have seen edible print before, but enjoyable idea none the less…..

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